Typer Tyme – Episode 10

It’s Monday, Halloween, and I feel slightly obligated to share some music with everyone. In this case, I share Typer Tyme’s newest episode chock full of amazing tracks by Harold-Alexis from his Shadows EP and stuff from BT’s new album. Yes, it’s not enough that I ranted about him last week, I now am finding ways to use his non-DJ-esque music as interesting pieces of music to help set or fill tone in my mixes. And tomorrow you’ll get a release of a Typer Tyme: After Hours episode filled to the brim with my darker-toned tech house, drum & bass, and some more stuff from BT’s new album.

Typer Tyme is a club-music radio show exploring a growing library of music and sharing the hope found in it.

In October, Typer attempts to move forward after his father’s passing. Unfortunately the experiences of his dad’s demise stick with Typer, creating a divided state. And so to express this mixed reality, Typer builds two mixes. The first comes out as a full Typer Tyme episode and the other comes out the next day as an After Hours entry.


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