Political Spirits with Typer (Part 3) – Debates

Such a refreshing read. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln%E2%80%93Douglas_debates

I get sick of seeing short videos of the debates on Facebook and videos showcasing that we have a corrupt political system, or that our political candidates lie. Tell us something we don’t know. Mudslinging has been a thing for a long time as well. What really disgusts me scrolling the feed, seeing the videos, and hearing anything remotely related to the election has nothing to do with which politician is corrupt or which one is horrible. What bugs me is that it’s all we talk about, it’s all we see, it’s all that gets spat out in front of us.

And please, civil comments or none. Not looking to make a discussion here, just looking to make a statement. I’ll remove the post if it gets out of hand, just trying to expand some minds (including my own) here into thinking about why we have those debates. There are far more important things going behind your vote than whether or not you think Trump or Hilary (or whoever else you might be voting for) can’t be trusted in office.


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