In the Pipeline (Update on Things)

It’s all “behind-the-scenes” but things are being worked on. Last week I launched Type Tyme 08 and announced my Dad’s hospice care so obviously you can imagine how busy life has been.

Dad’s managing for now and family has visited. It’s been a good (and long) week since he made his decision 8 days ago. His eating habits have improved (go figure, take chemo out of your system and you’re officially less poisoned than before) but pain seems to be on the rise whenever my dad is out of bed. We’re working on a system to improve his pain.

When rough times like this hit I recede a bit from my hobby interests that require more work and dedication to create. That being said, here’s an update on all things Typer:

-Mass Effect 3 blog: I’ve got the idea of what Part 4 is going to be about and I’ve got all the DLC for the game now so I’m burning through it in bigger chunks. The Aria DLC is a real pain though, not enjoying it at all and finding the time to play Mass Effect with no distractions is difficult (due to dialog it’s one of the most demanding games the first time you play it).

-Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Streams: I’ve done 2 so far and I’m happy with how they’ve gone. This takes even more time than Mass Effect in ways though. I need uninterrupted time. I should take advantage of weekends when it’s not just me in the house watching my dad. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about these though!

-Typer Tyme: Obviously my year-long resolution is going strong and plans and work on it continues to churn month-in/month-out. I’m super proud and super glad of the fact that 1. I’ve kept up on making a mix every month and 2. That it’s turning into something that has a bit of merit to it (even IF there aren’t many listeners). I’m so psyched to celebrate the 1-year mark on it that I’m already mapping out the Record Review years being plucked, the tracks I’m using for each one, and I’m churning some ideas for what I want next year to be like when it comes to this show. Needless to say: It’ll be around, and it’ll include more of what I’ve been doing so far while trying to continue doing new things and challenging myself to create in new ways.

-Project TE: I’m working on another remix at the moment. It’s a lot bigger than the Skylarking remix, and a lot more thought out this time around. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover but for now I’ll just say I’m working on it, and I’m a third of the way through the big first hurdle. I hope to have it done in time for Typer Tyme 12’s release. We’ll see though.

And that’s it, just a quick update on everything I’m up to since I haven’t released much content in the past week or four. Oh, Dark Souls 3’s DLC launches next month as well so I’m getting my NG+ character all the way through the game so they’re ready to dive in when it comes out.

Gotta enjoy some things while they happen, right?


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